The Soulforge (single)

by Throne of Malediction

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This is a song from our upcoming "Out of Darkness, Comes the Light" album (tba 2013 release). "The Soulforge" is a concept song based on the Dragonlance book series, who the band are fans of...


The Soulforge
Written by Eric and Jessica Horner, November 2012
Music by Throne of Malediction, Bass by Kevin George
Lyrics based on the "Dragonlance" book saga, all rights reserved to the copyright holders and authors of Dragonlance

Your frailty, burdens you,
Wrought with fever,
I watch over you,
Two brothers stand alone, against despair,
Dependent on each-other,
Rosemun's not there,
A fire burns, within you,
Forging your soul,
The gods of magic will guide you,
Pledge your faith,
And you may have it all,
Power over others, is what drives you,
Born from a womb,
Of insane sorrow,
Two souls, forged as one,
In time will split asunder...
V3 (Eric)
Once was one now fallen away,
From the test of destined fate,
Left with eyes only seeing death,
For the power to conquer weakness,
No constellations in the sky,
Began the days of war and pain,
Made choices for ultimate goals,
To the abyss and back for all gain,
We've traveled many roads,
Fought to save Krynn from its doom,
But now my brother,
I've decided, I no longer need you,
A darkness taints my soul,
Blacker than The Abyss,
I shall conquer, Dark Queen Takhisis...
Born from a womb,
Of insane sorrow,
Two souls, forged as one,
In time will split asunder...
Call on the power,
That makes me who I am,
There is no consequences,
There is no greater force...
(guitar solo Eric)
"A mages soul is fored in the crucible of magic." -Antimodes


released January 19, 2013
Eric Horner/Guitars, Vocals, Production... Jessica Horner/Guitars,Vocals... Kevin George/Bass




Throne of Malediction Kalispell, montana

Doom/black-metal band from Montana, USA... A tempestuous existence permeates our sound.

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